Celebrate the world tapas day with a glass of Priorat! 14 - 17 June 2024

Celebrate the world tapas day with a glass of Priorat! 14 - 17 June 2024

14, 15, 16, 17 de juny
17 h - 21 h
50 €/persona
Celler Devinssi - Slate Wine Bar

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Celler Devinssi - Slate Wine Bar

A novel proposal by Celler Devinssi and Clos Figueras (Gratallops, DOQ Priorat)

Mid-June is known internationally for the celebration of the World Tapas Day. Celler Devinssi and the SLATE Wine Bar (Gratallops) will be happy to celebrate it with you.

Tapas are a great Spanish foodie tradition that has always been linked to wine. The tradition dates to the middle ages, when tavern keepers offered tapas alongside the wine to make sure carriage drivers and other travellers had some food to offset the libations.

Nowadays, tapas have become an elaborate nosh, with myriads of combinations, ranging from simple pickles to sophisticated savouries, such as pinchos. The size varies as well from a small salad or a plate of pâtés to a luscious home-made burger or traditional large toast with varied toppings. Tapas pair wonderfully with wines.

Wouldn’t you love to try such a pairing in Priorat?

Then here’s our proposition from Gratallops: Visit Celler Devinssi to taste our artisanal DOQ Priorat wines and then enjoy some lovely tapas at SLATE Wine Bar.

Celler Devinssi is a boutique winery in downtown Gratallops that has some scenic vineyard panoramas that have been acclaimed by our visitors. SLATE is run by Clos Figueras, a world-renowned Priorat winery also known for its cuisine offered at the Les Figueres restaurant. The chefs master the fusion between the traditional cookery and novel recipes.

Dates and times:
* 14, 15, 16 and 17 June
* 5pm visit to Celler Devinssi, 7pm approx meal at the SLATE Wine Bar

Price: 50 € per person. 2 persons minimum.

This price includes:

Wine tasting at Celler Devinssi (3 wines)
Tapas menu at Slate Wine Bar (check the menu via the link: https://devinssi.com/en/celebrate-the-world-tapas-day-with-a-glass-of-priorat-june-2024/ )

The booking should be made in our online shop.

We’re looking forward to treating you to this lovely wine-and-tapas experience!